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  1. </head>
  2. <body class='tbcmailbody' style='color: #fff; border: 3px solid #000; margin: 0px; background: transparent url(;'>
  3. <div id='containertbc' style='position: relative; margin-left: 40px; padding-bottom: 20px;'>
  4. <img src=''/>
  5. <i style='position: relative; margin-left: 0; top: -15px;'>Trading Talents | Chasing Dreams</i>
  6. <hr style='border: 1px solid; margin-right: 40px;'/>
  7. <h1 style='color: #00AFEF;'>Welcome to Talented By Chance!</h1>
  8. <span style='line-height: 2em;'>
  9. Greetings {$_POST['uname']},<br/>
  10. Now you are one among the fastest growing community for talented people like you.<br/>
  11. You are just one step away from entering the world of TBC.
  12. </span>
  13. <h3 style='color: #000;'>Registration successful</h3>
  14. <span style='line-height: 1em;'>
  15. Verification code: <b>{$verify_code}</b><br/>
  16. Login to verify your account or click this <a style='color: #000;' href='{$verify_code}'>link</a><br/>
  17. This is an automated reply to your registration request.<br/>
  18. If you didn't made this request, please simply ignore the message.
  19. </span>
  20. <br/>
  21. <h4 style='color: #FE2E2E;'>Your access information is:</h4>
  22. <span style='line-height: 1em;'>
  23. Email: <a style='color: #000;'>{$_POST['email']}</a><br/>
  24. Password: the one you choosed.<br/>
  25. </span>
  26. <span style='position: relative; top: 50px;'>
  27. This email was sent from <a style='color: #000;' href=''></a><br/>
  28. Email: <a style='color: #000;'></a> | Website: <a style='color: #000;' href=''></a>
  29. </span>
  30. </div>
  31. </body>
  32. </html>